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At Child’s Trust we believe that each child should be encouraged to develop to their full potential regardless of their parent’s education or ability to pay. We also believe that they should live with their parent(s) or their wider family when they are young and not sent to an educational institution where they have no access to their family at weekends or regular visits. 

At the infant and primary level this is a difficult aspiration to fulfil as we always try to provide a high level of education; in remote areas this is not always possible. CHILD’s Trust has set out to build schools in these areas as well as to provide support to organisations who can do this. The overriding objective is to provide great education locally. 

We are involved in building and supporting projects that provide education locally in India, Bangladesh and Nepal.  Providing practical support and funding for such projects so that they can thrive and expand.


In the areas where a good local school is in place but the child's parents do not have the financial ability to fund them, we will part fund to help support the poorest children in the community. 


CHILD’s Trust works with the poorest communities and always tries to demonstrate the love of God in a practical and life changing way. 

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