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houses of hope


Houses of Hope

At CHILD’s Trust we believe that all children should (wherever possible) be with their parents or wider family and not in a children’s home or institution. With this foundation we set out to build schools and/or provide education locally with each child being part of a family. For those without parents (full orphans) and with no obvious family network to support them, we set out to create the House of Hope. These children would normally be found on the streets or institutionalised for their childhood.

Each House of Hope has a couple who become their Mum and Dad. The couple take on a legal lifetime commitment to bring these children up as their own.  Each House of Hope has a healthy mix of boys and girls who are brought in as young children (some as babies), there is always a maximum of 8 children in each household. The parents become their legal guardians for the rest of their lives. Most of the children have no memory of a previous life and only know the House of Hope as their family. They are now part of something permanent with a mum and dad, brothers and sisters; an amazing home to live in with a great education. Every House of Hope is family first, with the love and support you would expect. Every child is given the opportunity to be educated to degree/diploma level with some pursing vocational development which is better suited to their needs. 

The children will always be part of their new family. Like regular families the children will always be allowed to stay (if they want) or set out to start their own families.  Therefore having grandparents for their children too.

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