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It was during a trip to Delhi, India in the late 1990's that Mark and Julie were handed a baby girl by a poverty stricken mother.  This touched their hearts and ignited a God-given desire to support children in India, Bangladesh and Nepal.  



Mark and Julie have self-funded numerous annual visits to Asia and have built close relationships with locals, who work on the projects that CHILD's Trust funds.  These funds are used to alleviate poverty for children, giving them a hope and a future.

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Established in 1999, the work of CHILD's Trust has seen hundreds of children's lives changed.  

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House of hope

In 2006 CHILD's Trust pioneered a scheme called 'House of Hope'. The scheme supports a small family to take in and adopt up to 8 orphans (who have no parents or wider family to care for them) and raise them as their own. This fully embraces the charity’s ethos of 'Developing children to their full potential' thereby giving them a hope and a future. There are currently Houses of Hope in India, Bangladesh and Nepal.


CHILD's Trust has helped develop and build community based schools as well as providing excellent education in established schools.

These projects are supported via sponsorship programmes as well as generous donations and fund raising events.

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